Angular Cheilitis Cures

Angular Cheilitis Cures and Symptoms

If you’re looking for angular cheilitis cures, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t difficult to find.  While many people suffer from Cheilitis, it is surprising to know that most of them have no idea how to deal with the problem or may have the wrong notion on treating it.

Angular Cheilitisor Cheilosis is a skin-disease that occurs in the corners of the mouth.

Angular Cheilitis Cures
Angular Cheilitis Cures

A person with Cheilitis may wake up with sores or ulceration in the corners of the mouth which can be very painful each time you try to eat, drink or speak.

Cheilitis can last from a few days to a week and although not life-threatening, it can get in the way of your usual activities.  Obviously, having cracks or sores can be embarrassing especially if you have to deal with people face-to-face.

Some people may develop Cheilitis once in a while but for others, it can be a recurring condition.  Usually, recurring Cheilosis is a symptom of Vitamin B deficiency.  This is why people who frequently get sores or blisters in their mouth should increase their intake of foods rich in Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and B12.  In some cases, taking Vitamin B supplements may be recommended.

There are many possible reasons why some people are more prone to acquiring Angular Cheilitis than others.  For instance, if you wear ill-fitting dentures, it is more likely that will develop Cheilitis due to the constant build up saliva in the corners of your mouth.  People with diabetes mellitus are also at a higher risk of developing this condition.

Do angular cheilitis cures exist?  Some doctors may recommend an anti-fungal ointment or an anti-bacterial cream to prevent the condition from worsening.  However, some patients find that the cortisone cream prescribed by their doctor is not as effective as they hoped to be.

For this reason, many are turning to home remedies that are said to be very effective in providing lasting relief for Angular Cheilitis.  What‘s more encouraging is the fact that home remedies for Cheilitis are not at all expensive and easy to do.  Best of all, many sufferers of Cheilosis voluntarily give their personal testimonies regarding the effectiveness of the home remedy they tried.

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